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  1. 5 Summer Boredom Busters for Kids.
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Then pour the tea into the baking tray, being sure to completely cover the white crumpled paper. Use a spoon to poke down any parts of the paper that might not be covered and then leave the paper to sit in the tea for 1—2 hours depending on how brown you would like it. Place some sheets of paper towel under the wire rack to mop up any drips. Carefully take the paper out of the tea. It will be delicate so be careful not to rip it.

A tear or two might make it look old but a big rip might break it in two. Lay the tea stained paper on the wire rack and let dry overnight ,.

32 Fun Indoor Boredom Busters Your Kids Will Love This Winter

Decorate your treasure map with marker pens, stickers, or glitter glue. Be sure to draw a compass showing North, South, East, and West, along with trees, footsteps, and paths. For more kids activities, check out Boredom Busters by Caroline Fernandez. Fido would love a nice long walk before you head off to work, but sometimes that just is not possible thanks old man winter! Instead of heading outside for some mental and physical exercise, try practicing some obedience commands for minutes inside your living room.

If your pup needs a little more physical stimulation rather than mental, try a quick game of fetch or tug-o-war. And most dogs tend to nap after some mental and physical exercise, which means less time for destruction.

A Parent’s List of Summer Boredom Busters

Another great way to keep your dog entertained is with toys specifically designed to provide some mental stimulation. The tried and true Kong Classic is a great one to start with. The hollow opening has plenty of room to stuff some yummy treats inside.

  1. 32 Fun Indoor Boredom Busters Your Kids Will Love This Winter.
  2. Indoor Boredom Busters:.
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  4. The Algae Voices of Azule: Book 1 and Book 2 combined!
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A good combination of larger treats in first, followed by some smaller morsels in the middle, then sealed off with some Kong specific filling or peanut butter will provide Fido enough variety to keep him interested and the different sized treats increase the challenge factor. Freezing a full Kong is a great way to extend the chewing time and it provides a refreshing cool-down for when the weather finally turns warm again.

If your pup needs more of a challenge to keep them interested, look for toys with a puzzle-like design.

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Puzzle feeders come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from bottle or ball like to a board style puzzle. Regardless of the style, the game is the same. Fill the openings with small treats, then your pooch needs to nose and knock it around to make the treats fall out or use their nose and paws to uncover the tasty morsels.

The advantage to puzzle toys is that they get your dog thinking and moving at the same time.

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So now that we have Fido entertained for a few hours, what about Fluffy? As much as it might seem that she enjoys lounging in the sunny window for hours on end, she needs a little mental and physical stimulation, too. So as much as we all love the summer holidays … the bliss of not hearing that alarm screeching in the morning… the ability to lounge around in your pjs until lunchtime… the beach trips… wait, where were we going with this again?

One of the best rainy day activities of all time is watching a good movie! Our favourite movies to binge-watch are some of our old favourites like the Harry Potter series or even Lord Of The Rings. The great thing about these kind of fantastical tales suck you in for hours on end, making them the perfect antidote for boredom! This activity is great because not only is it cheap to do and suitable for all weathers particularly rain but you can binge-watch with friends or on your own, so this is a great boredom buster for days when all your mates are busy!

Games Gone Wild: 14 Boredom Busters for Your Next Outdoor Adventure

If theme parks are your bag, the summer break is the perfect time to hit those roller coasters! With tons of options ranging from large attractions to smaller family-friendly options there are plenty of different parks to explore. As far as boredom busters go, this is one of the best activities!

Most parks have a variety of rides, picnic areas, shows and shops giving you enough entertainment to spend the whole day there. Whilst this is one of the more pricier activities on our boredom buster list, with such a variety of theme parks around, all with different price tags, you can choose wisely to suit your budget. Here are a few of our favourites:.

  • Frozen Angel;
  • Give Judy My Notice?
  • A Tale of Five Lads.
  • 32 Fun Indoor Boredom Busters Your Kids Will Love This Winter.
  • This might not sound like that much fun at first, but we can promise that this was one of our favourite boredom busters on the list! If you have a past guilty-pleasure that kind of makes you cringe, stick it on repeat, dance your socks off and OWN IT! This boredom buster is a good one because it will fill way more than one dull afternoon!